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Myanmar opportunities

Myanmar, located between China and India is for the region of outmost geopolitical importance. It is a center piece in China's one belt one road project, with a deep water port next to China's south west. The since 2015 democratically elected government will likely be in power for long. It is looking for outside investors to rapidly improve the country, therefore investors can enjoy tax exemptions and other incentives.

As a market, Myanmar's 60 Mio. people were earning an average 1299 USD GDP/ capita in 2018, with rural populations still left behind, while in the main cities there is an increasing middle and upper class (GDP growth rate was constantly over 5% for the last 20 years). This also makes it an interesting target market for cheap daily commodities and luxury items as well.

The team


Simon Neumann

Managing Director and Owner of GLACC

Problem solver 

General manager of hotel in the German alps 

Stayed at buddhist monastery near Mandalay to help train teachers (for orphanage with 800 children) for almost a year. Still helps out regularly.

Stationed in Mandalay


Hadrian Schattner


International retail manager (stud.)

20 years experience in manufacturing in China and Asia for well-known global brands.

Stationed in Berlin, Hong Kong and Mandalay

GLACC  consulting

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